The Biggest Walking Event in Japan Gathering 100 Thousand People

In every early November, a festival of an international walking, ‘’The Japan Three-Day March,’’ is held in an abundant hiki hill centered on Higashimatsuyama City, Saitama. Now, the Japan Three-Day March becomes the world’s 2nd largest event behind ‘’International Four Days Marches’’ held in Nijmegen, the Netherland, and gather 100 thousand people from all over Japan and the world in three days. We are proud that all people supporting this event are volunteers. Please, participate in the Japan Three-Day March, and see the color of the wind.

What is the Japan Three-Day March?

It’s the international walking event which was started in 1978. You can choose the distance from 6 distance courses(50・40・30・20・10・5km) depend on your condition, and walk in three days.The start time is depend on the distance course. There is a checkpoint on the way, and you can goal on condition that you can walk the whole distance by 5:00 p.m. with the check.You can walk in autumn Hiki hill with walkers from all over Japan and the world with your own pace. This is ‘’The Japan Three-Day March.’’

Attraction of ‘’ The Japan Three-Day March’’

Valuable nature in Musashino is left much in Hiki hill around Higashimatsuyama City placed in central Saitama. You can see vast and tranquil rural landscape in the east, and small hills stretching to mountains in Chichibu and foot of mountains in the west. There are also a lot of cultural assets in each course, and you can walk while thinking about long past, and feel relaxed atmosphere.Combined with courses having comfortable ups and downs, you can enjoy walking in Hiki hill having the abundant nature.

Participation Method

The 46th Japan Three-Day March will begin accepting advance registrations on Tuesday, August 1. Pre-registration


Pre-registration (3 days)

Tuesday, August 1 - Friday, September 15

    General admission 3,000 yen
    High school students and younger: 800 yen


Same-day registration (each day) November 3 (Fri., holiday) - November 5 (Sun.) at the venue.

    Adults 1,500 yen/each day
    High school students and younger: 500 yen/each day



Participants must undergo a medical checkup in advance and be in good health. In the event of a natural disaster, stormy weather, new strains of influenza, etc., the event will be cancelled at the discretion of the municipality. In such cases, brochures, number cloths, maps, etc. will be sent. In such a case, we will send you the pamphlet, number crosses, maps, etc., but the fee paid will not be refunded.