Participation Method

Pre-registration for the 46th Japan Three-Day March will begin on Tuesday, August 1.
There are two ways to participate in the Japan Three-Day March: advance registration and on-site registration. Here is how to participate in the Japan Three-Day March.

Advanced Registration (3Days)


Registration Period: Tuesday, August 1 - Friday, September 15

    Adults 3,000 yen
    High school students and younger: 800 yen

Same-day registration (each day)

November 3 (Fri., holiday) - November 5 (Sun.) Registration at the venue.

At the venue

    Adults 1,500 yen/each day
    High school students and younger: 500 yen/each day



Participants must have medical check beforehand, and participate in with good health. In case accidents occur for participants, organizer DO NOT take any responsibility or liability except range of accident insurance and emergency measures.

Also, in case natural disaster, stormy weather, new strains of influenza etc. occur, we will follow municipal decision in terms of cancellation of event. In that case, we will send you the brochure, the number cloth, the map etc. However, the payment will NOT be refunded, and won’t approve any certification of this event.


Please check.

For this year's event, we have outsourced pre-registration and lodging applications for those who wish to attend the event from overseas to a different company, and each will require separate application procedures.


For walkers who want to register for Advanced Registration.

Please access the web site of APPROAD Co,.LTD.,

This company, the official agency for Japan Three-Day March, is for registration.


For those who wish to register on the day of the event

Please come to the "Same-day Registration Booth" at the venue from November 3 (Fri., holiday) to November 5 (Sun.).

    Adults 1,500 yen each day
    High school students and younger: 500 yen each day

Those who wish to stay overnight
Please send an e-mail to the following address with your desired date and time.