Awards and Certifications


We will give the diploma and the number badges to walkers who registered and walked the whole distance in 3 consecutive days. For walkers who walked the whole distance in 1 or 2 days, we will give the diploma.

Each award ceremony and presentation ceremony will be held on the last day for walkers who walked in 3 consecutive days.

Walkers who walked the whole distance more than 2 times should bring your last number badge at the last day.


International Marching League(IML)

International Marching League, organized from 26 countries and regions, certifies registered walkers who walked more than 20km distance in 3 consecutive days. After finishing walking at the last day of the JapanThree-Day March, please get a certification stamp at International Marching League(IML) booth.If you want IML passport, you can buy it for 1,000 JPY at International Marching League(IML) booth.

Internationaler Volkssport Verband(IVV)

(International Federation of Popular Sports)


As for international certification of IVV, JWA(Japan Walking Association) certifies you based on numbers of participation for walking event and walking distance record certification provision of IVV and JVA(Japanese Volkssport Association) . Registered walkers who walked more than 5km in a one day is subject to this certification. Please get a number of participation certification stamp and a distance certification stamp at the goal point. At the Japan Three-Day March, you can get a card with these stamps. Also, IVV&JVA passport set is for 200 JPY.