Attraction of ‘’The Japan Three-Day March’’

Valuable nature in Musashino is left much in Hiki hill around Higashimatsuyama City placed in central Saitama. You can see vast and tranquil rural landscape in the east, and small  hills stretching to mountains in Chichibu and foot of mountains in the west. There are also a lot of cultural assets in each course, and you can walk while thinking about long past, and feel relaxed atmosphere.

Combined with courses having comfortable ups and downs, you can enjoy walking in Hiki hill having the abundant nature.


It takes 55 minutes to get in Higashimatsuyama City from Ikebukuro station on the Tobu Tojo line by express trains. You can enjoy watching and feeling beautiful abundant nature, and clear stream which leave the image of Musashino, mountains announcing the coming of autumn, and a calm bamboo forest that you can’t experience in city center.


There are a lot of civic interactions between participants from all over Japan and the world in abundant nature.


There are a lot of attractions such as shrines, temple, and ruins of castles etc. Also, you can see Takasaka sculputure

promenade which shows 32 sculptures made by Takada Hiroatsu, who is very famous sculptor in Japan, in 1km from Takasaka station west exit on the Tobu Tojo line.


The start time for 50km・40km is 6 a.m. There are people who prepare tea and lunch boxes at 5 a.m. There are people for road safety even in rain. Also, there are people who serve tea, hand-made pickled umes, pears and mandarin oranges on the way of course.They are all volunteers.

Higashimatsuyama’s well-known product “Yakitori”

One of Higashimatsuyama’s well-known products is “Yakitori.” Higashimatsuyama’s yakitori is made from not chicken meat but pork cheek meat. We roast yakitori, and dip in spicy miso sauce. This is Higashimatsuyama’s yakitori. Please taste it.