What is the Japan Three-Day March?

It’s the international walking event which was started in 1978. You can choose the distance from 6 distance courses(50・40・30・20・10・5km) depend on your condition, and walk in three days.

The start time is depend on the distance course. There is a checkpoint on the way,

and you can goal on condition that you can walk the whole distance by 5:00 p.m. with the check.

You can walk in autumn Hiki hill with walkers from all over Japan and the world with your own pace. This is ‘’The Japan Three-Day March.’’

Qualification for Participation

Walkers who participate in the Japan Three-Day March should abide by Start&Goal time, event rules and traffic rules. Infants must be accompanied with the parents.

Also, handicapped people must be accompanied with other people to help.

From Start to Goal

1. When you arrive in the venue

For Advanced Registration Walkers

Please come to Foreigners Registration Booth.  We will give you participation goods.


For Walkers who will apply for Registration on the Day

Please come to Registration on the Day booth. Fill in the application form, and pay the participation fee.After that, we will give you participation goods.


Please Choose the distance

Please choose the distance depend on your condition.


The Number Cloth

The number cloth is a proof that you are the participant of this event. Walkers who wear the number cloth can get Omotenashi( which means hospitality in Japanese) such as something to eat and drink on the way of the route. The number cloth have spaces that you can fill in birthplace, nickname,message etc. This makes you get chances to interact with other walkers.


Confirmation of your belongings

Lunch, drinking water, rain wear, a hat, my cup, my bottle etc.

Attention: Please be sure to bring your own cup and bottles. We don’t offer paper cups for environment.

2. Departure Ceremony

Please move to in front of the stage in the central area.

The start time is decided depend on the distance course. Please move to in front of the stage by your departure time.


Start time

  • 50km・40km 6:00~7:00
  • 30km・20km 7:30~8:30
  • 10km 9:00~10:30
  • 5km 10:30~11:00

Attention: You can’t start except these time

Departure Ceremony

Departure Ceremony is held before start time.

After the organizer encourage you to walk and do stretch, you can start. You shouldn’t be in hurry to start. Please follow the front walkers slowly.

At start point, we pass the start seal out, so please put the start seal on your course map. You need to look the map to walk the Japan Three-Day March course though you can see direction boards on the route.

The map includes the place of shelters and AEDs. There are 3 maps( the map for 50・40・30km walkers, the map for 20・10km walkers, the map for 5km walkers). Please take the map that you need.



You can walk freely with your own pace, and take a break wherever you want.

To get something to drink on the way of the route, please bring your own cup.


Check Point

On the way of the route, there is the checkpoint. At the checkpoint,

staffs will pass check point seal out, so please put it on your course map.

This is required to get diploma and awards.



On the way of the route, there is a one first-aid station each day.

In other rest place, there are the first aid kits. If you can’t walk, please contact to 0493-24-9999( ※Valid ONLY during The Japan Three-Day March Day)



You can goal during 12:00-17:00 each day. At the goal point, staffs will pass goal point seal out, so please put it on your course map. Please enjoy meeting with people from all over Japan and the world, and walking in Musashino autumn.



We will give the diploma and the number badges to walkers who registered and walked the whole distance in 3 consecutive days. For walkers who walked the whole distance in 1 or 2 days, we will give the diploma.

Each ward ceremony and presentation ceremony will be held in the last day for walkers who walked in 3 consecutive days.Walkers who walked the whole distance more than 2 times should bring your last number badge at the last day.